Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Waiting for fabric.....so, in the meantime?

I am waiting for fabric so I can start the Swoon quilt that I have planned for Graham's and my bed. I have my neutral fabric bought, all cut and ready to go, and hope that my print fabrics arrive this week. I have no other major (or minor!) projects in the works, so what to do in the meantime? Make coasters!!

Do I need coasters? Probably not. Do I have fabric scraps? YES!!! I had bookmarked this tutorial by Jeni from In Color Order, for simple log cabin style coasters. I started them last evening and finished them this afternoon. So simple, but they turned out really cute. And even though we don't need them, I hope that we end up using them.

So tell me, what do you do during those in between times, when you don't have anything major in the works??


Angie said...

Those are really cute. Are you one of those quilters that only has one project going at a time? :D

Diane said...

I like the color combo's. Very cute!

Karima said...

These are great now following you, Karima :)