Friday, February 24, 2012

Sneezy Friday update

I think I'm not the only one sniffling and sneezing these days. I've felt it coming on all week, just tired and lethargic, and today it's made its way into my sinuses. Ugh. It's a really wet day today, chilly outside and pouring rain, so I'm inside with my fireplace and my coffee and my sewing! Not altogether bad.

Anybody else do this? Pull top threads to the bottom, knot them and bury them on the back of the quilt? I don't like how it looks to backstitch on a quilt, so this is what I do. And actually, I don't mind, it sort of breaks up the time at the sewing machine which I like. I sew a section, then sit on the couch and knot/sew in ends. Kind of relaxing.

{this is the back of my Modern Quarters baby fabric, don't you think?}

I finished the top for my sewing machine cover, and it has a few issues. It ended up wildly un-square, though you may not be able to tell from the photo, and it's not exactly the right size. It's right length-wise, and about 4" too wide. So I think I'll need to do a fair bit of tweaking and I'm not really feeling the love for it right now. We'll see. I do want to re-visit this whole "on point" thing at some point, maybe this or this.

And finally, I saw these patterns this week through the Pink Chalk Fabrics newsletter and I LOVE all of them! Anyone else see these? What do you think? (click photo below to take you there!)

Okay, well that's it for me for this week I think. Have a great weekend everyone.


Katie B said...

Your cover looks awesome to me! Sorry you're not happy with it.

twelfthzodiac said...

I like breaks to do different things during the process of making a top...I never cut everything at once & I like to get up & iron a lot as I go. For some reason, I am the opposite when quilting. I like to do it all at once. The time flys by & when I am done, it's like I'm coming out of a trance lol. And I'm sore.
Then ideally, I go straight to binding! I always make it before I start quilting cause I know I'll hate to do it inbetween.
Okay, now I want to go quilt, asap!

Patti said...

Hope you are feeling better soon Heather. I seems to like pulling my threads to the back as well, although I leave them for last! I love you cover so much and sure hope you can sort out the size issues!

amy said...

I pull them through, too! But I think it's a pain to bury them - send some of your enthusiasm my way!! :)

Kleep said...

I do love that backing fabric, so cute! And I've never even heard of your method as I'm ultra new and learning alone, but it's a great idea!

felicity said...

Feel better!

I bury my threads too - much neater but definitely takes longer.

Those patterns look gorgeous!

Debbie said...

So sorry you don't feel good!!
I confess I 'overstitch' sometimes. Hadn't really thought of tying off like you do. hmmmmm.
Frustrating about your machine cover, cuz I really like it! Good luck with your solution!
And those patterns - I esp. like the xoxo.

Poppyprint said...

Yup, I'm a tie and bury gal. Did you find any gold eye self threading needles for the job?

I had that dreaded lurgy last week and took advantage of two days on the couch to watch 7 hours of Downton Abbey. Made me feel almost better!