Thursday, August 16, 2012

Name tags, QALs, and Christmas

Hey everyone. I haven't been around a lot lately and I haven't been sewing, but I have been thinking! First up, my city is having its second Modern Quilt Guild meeting on September 5th.  I wasn't able to go to the first meeting but I plan to be there in September.  We've been challenged to make name tags for ourselves and I'm feeling a bit at a loss!!  These are a few that I've seen on Flickr (and Svetlana has recently made two really cute ones) but if anyone has any other ideas I'd love to hear them.  This should be a small, quick, FUN project but I can see myself over-thinking it. What do you think?

Next, I've joined a quilt along!  The Proverbial Quiltalong with Poppyprint, to be exact.  I have the pattern, and I'm trying to think of a quote to use.  I can think of all sorts of inspirational type stuff, but I kind of want it to just be something fun.  Still considering.....  In the meantime, Krista has asked the participants to post a photo of themselves with their pattern in the Flickr group, so here I am!

And finally for today, I've been a lucky girl lately and I've managed to come away with two huge bundles of Christmas-y FQ's!

A few months ago I won a bundle of 11 FQs of Laurie Wisburn's new Brrr! line.  I love this fabric, especially those polar bears, just not sure what to do with it yet.

Then more recently, I was shocked to learn that I had won a FQ bundle of the entire collection of Kate Spain's new 'Joy' line, including two panels.  The fabric arrived today and it's a huge stack!!

So I'm a little bit buried in Christmas fabric at the moment as you can see and I would love to do something special with them.  Any ideas?  There are quite a few directional prints in both of these lines, which limits the options a bit.  Hmmmmmm.

I think I'm all updated now.  Hope you're all doing well - we were away for a week and I checked my emails and blogs a bit, but not as much as usual.  Hopefully I'll get back in the sewing groove again soon, but for now we're just trying to stay cool.  We were spoiled on our vacation with air conditioning just about everywhere we were.  Not so much at home!!

Take care all.

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Katie B said...

Christmas quilt!! I made one last year and love it. Or a tree skirt? Looks like you have enough fabric for both!

Debbie said...

oh my gosh - look at all that fabric! I have a stack of Brrr! I won too! Not sure what I'll do yet either! The JOY though - wow that's enough to do a quilt or tree skirt for you, some gift bags, gifts - who knows what! How fun for you.
RE: the name tags - how about trying a block you've been wanting to try - but in mini??
And fun RE: the quilt-along. It'll be interesting to see what quote you end up with!

Jess @ Elven Garden Quilts said...

Oh so jealous! Definitely my two fave Christmas lines (oh apart from winterkist) - lucky thing! Sounds like an interesting QAL, look forward to seeing more :o)

Cindy said...

I just made a Christmas quilt with the new Joy by Kate Spain. I'll be blogging about it this weekend after I give it as a gift.
What about making a table runner and a tree skirt. said...

Thanks for including my nametag.
Thant's a beautiful bunch of fabrics

Holly said...

I'm so excited that a MQG is starting on Vancouver Island! I'm sure you'll come up with a great nametag.

That's cool that you're quilting along with Krista. I love how she's asked everyone to post photos of themselves with in the group. It's rare to see people posting photos of themselves on their quilting blogs and it always feels like you're getting to know someone when you see their photo!

Have fun with your Christmas fabrics! Those polar bears are so cute!

Jenelle said...

You could make a table setting with placemats and maybe some soft serving "bowls" like Diane's (From Blank Pages):
I think that a winter table setting is always great to have for Christmas and New Years company.

Good luck with your name tag too and the QAL!