Tuesday, September 24, 2013


I got something new this week....

I've always been sort of anti-gadget - actually I think it's more anti-need-to-have-what-everyone-else-has??  I don't know for sure.  Now, I am not a phone person at all so this is not a phone, it's the iPod Touch, and can I say...it's pretty neat.  :)  I've found my podcasts, set up my email, found the Bloglovin' app (which honestly, not sure if I'll use or not - I prefer how B.L. works on the computer as far as commenting, etc.), entered a few calendar items, added Angry Birds (what can I say, it's fun!), and honestly feeling rather overwhelmed by what this little thing can all do!

I'm sure that 99.9% of you are more familiar with these sorts of gadgets than I am so I'm coming to you for some iSuggestions.  :)
  • what quilty type apps do you find totally useful?
  • what non-quilty apps do you love?  I know about Instagram, just haven't gone there...yet.
  • have any of you used TextPlus?
  • how do you scan those black/white pixely square thingies that are all over the place these days??
  • anything else??
And since we are a quilting blog here, I'll give you a quick update on the Roller Rink quilt, which is that there isn't much to update.  haha

The finished and almost finished blocks are tucked behind my sewing machine:

One more strip set waiting to be chopped:

And two more sets of strips, hanging over my curtain rod, the best place to store strips of fabric, yet to be sewn together:

That's all for now - I'm looking forward to your suggestions!!


Alisa said...

I have an ipad but I haven't used it for anything quilty yet. I like watching old shows on youtube while I am quilting and read my blogs on bloglovin, check my email and the weather and that's about it. I'll check back later to see what quilty apps are recommended. :-)

Kristy @ Quiet Play said...

There are some great quilting apps - one that's free from Robert Kaufmann that helps calculate quilty stuff. I also got a Quilting Bee and Swap planner (it's 99c) which is really great to track bees, and also my WiPs.

Have fun with it!

Jennifer said...

Definitely the Robert Kaufman app -- its great for figuring our backing and binding in a pinch! I use my all the time!

felicity said...

The black and white pixel thingies are called QR codes and you need an app that can scan/read them if you want to use them.

Feedly's app is much better than Bloglovin' but I don't comment when I'm on my iPod so I can't speak to that functionality.

I'm reading these comments with interest because I'd love to find some more quilty apps - will check out that RK one and the organizer one too.

I like Songza's app - you can listen to streaming music using it.

Instagram is fun - microblogging, basically. It's how I keep up with my quilty peeps these days since I find I can't make the time to read many blogs.

Alli said...

Yay for your new ipod! I have one of those, too (I still have an oooold phone), and I love mine. :)

Here are my quiltish app recommendations:

- Dropbox: so I can look at patterns when I'm too lazy to walk to the other room where the computer is. :D

- iDatabase: I'm keeping track of different serger settings here.

Other apps:

- Downcast: If you're listening to your podcast in the default music app, you might like this better. :)

- AppShopper: Lists games and other apps that have dropped in price so you can snag some nice apps for free, heh heh

Carla said...

I'm not sure I understood one thing on your list! LOL
I can publish a blog post, but that's about it.

Cathy said...

So the robert kaufman ap is great and i have started playing with quiltography which is a design ap. i use it on my iPad. I have abither one too called block fab... Quiltography is snazzier though...

And i surf endlessly with my iPad...quilty surfing

Cathy said...

I keep all my quilt patterns in ibooks too.. Should have said that.. I rarely print out a pattern

Erin @ Billy Button Design said...

I'm like you.. So not a phone or gadget person but I haven't stopped using mt I pod touch. Instagram is great . I have etsy on too. There is a new app quilt bee. It helps you store all your patterns and keep a list of your WIP's. love to see what other apps you find.

Debbie said...

Sorry I know nothing about I-anything! But I do like your project!

Deb@asimplelifequilts said...

Another vote for the Robert Kaufman app - I use it often.

I love Mailbox for email, Clear for quick to-do lists and the apps for Feedly & Pinterest. Have fun!

Nat at Made in Home said...

I have all my patterns on Ibooks. I have a document editor on my ipad, but it is more for actual documents (for work for instance). I have my TV guide app (one for French TV and English TV - as we have both). I use weight watchers, but that is because of the diet.. Pinterest... facebook.. OH I have an app to find out where the sun is at what time - quite useful for taking pictures. ANd I have a night light, in case I am stuck with the baby...