Thursday, December 15, 2011

Sewing Machine Parade

I posed the question "what sewing machine do you use?" on my Giveaway Day post, realizing later that I never answered the question myself! Currently there are three sewing machines that live in my house.

Contestant #1 - Janome Sewist 521

Believe it or not, I acquired this machine using points from my grocery store. I have no idea really how much it would have cost had I bought it in a store. It is a very basic, non-computerized sewing machine that has served me well sometimes (after all it did get me through the piecing and machine quilting of Owen's quilt, the Swoon quilt, and many other smaller projects in between), and other times I have wanted to toss it out the window and not look back. It has tension issues, where sometimes it needs to be adjusted drastically higher, and sometimes drastically lower, with seemingly no rhyme or reason. Needless to say it has not felt like a very reliable machine and has at times been very frustrating to use, which is why I finally sucked it up, payed the $60 and took it in to be serviced today. What will come of it is yet to be seen.

Contestant #2 - Kenmore Model 158.13200

This machine belongs to my mom, she bought it new in the 1970s. I have borrowed it off/on, when I was first learning (before I got the above mentioned Janome) and now and again when I've been frustrated (with the above mentioned Janome!) This machine weighs a ton, works nice and smooth, really nothing wrong with it. I like having it around as a back-up, but maybe one day my mom will need it when she decides to become a seamstress. ;-) What do you think, Mom?

Contestant #3 - Singer 15-88 treadle machine

This little beauty belonged to my Granny, my Dad's mom, who passed away in 2007. I believe that it was the only machine she ever sewed on in her adult life. It lived with my aunt for quite a few years before making its way to me, and I feel grateful and privileged to have it.

And now, a little wrap-up of the question I asked: "What sewing machine do you use?" - comments on the Giveaway Day post will close tomorrow so a few more answers may trickle in yet, but out of curiosity I tallied up the results as best I could and this is what WE use....

Singer - 65
Brother - 51
Janome - 49
Bernina - 40
Kenmore - 30
Husqvarna/Viking - 22
Pfaff - 20
Elna - 12
Babylock - 11
Do not own sewing machine - 7
New Home (Janome) - 4
Necchi - 3
EuroPro - 2
Aldi - 1
Donna - 1
Juki - 1
Shark - 1
Toyota (Lucy!) - 1


Debbie said...

This is VERY interesting!! Thanks for the tally! And....I think our Singers look very much the same!!

Lucy | Charm About You said...

I feel a bit sad that I'm on my own!! Maybe I should get a Shark (???)!!

Anonymous said...

I eagerly await the day when Mom becomes a seamstress ;)

Pam B said...

Wow, that's a very interesting tally! Thanks so much for doing this...I just bought a Brother and now I'm feeling very much a part of a community.


Kate said...

This is fascinating! My Singer looks similar to yours - though it's not a treadle. And two other people have a Necchi? Cool!

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