Tuesday, January 31, 2012

W.I.P. Wednesday

WIP Wednesday at Freshly Pieced

So much has happened since last week. Last week I was all excited about my new Pfaff machine, and since then that machine has gone back (sadly) and has been replaced by Elizabeth. So far we have had only happy times together and I think my sewing productivity will pick up some pace now!

{some of the fun that my kids and I have been having with Elizabeth's fancy stitches}

Completed Projects:

1. I have completed one project since last week, a mugrug/placemat/kitty rug for my furry friend Max! And for your viewing pleasure, a hilarious picture my friend sent to me that wasn't in my previous post. He is apparently saying thank you. :)

Ongoing projects:

1. Sparkle QAL - I've jumped ahead of the QAL (oops!) and have completed 12 out of 16 blocks. These blocks have been worked on using 3 different sewing machines - I don't know how many projects manage to earn that distinction! haha

2. Chrysalis Quilt - no progress, but maybe soon

3. Modern Halves - no progress (psssst.....if you haven't already you should go check out my good bloggy friend Debbie's modern halves quilt. It's awesome!)

4. Kaleidoscope Quilt - backwards progress :( This is the last time I'm going to mention it in my WIP Wednesday posts. It may suddenly appear finished, sometime in the future. Maybe.

Upcoming Projects:

1. Ideas for a sewing machine cover for my new machine are brewing in my head. I plan to follow Svetlana's tutorial for the general idea, but am not sure of the layout yet. Maybe a plus design or something like this lattice quilt. I am going to use at least some of these charm squares that I received from Elizabeth at the Pieceful Life blog.

2. Finally, I do hope to participate in the Modern Mini Challenge that is being hosted by Jennifer of Ellison Lane Quilts, but no inspiration has struck quite yet. We'll see....I have a problem with making minis and then not knowing what to do with them! Anyone else??

Modern Mini Challenge

Happy Wednesday everyone. I look forward to checking and seeing what the rest of you have been up to!


Debbie said...

So glad you & Elizabeth are getting along so well! And I love the kitty shot! Very fun!!
Your Sparkle blocks are looking good! Hate to say I didn't touch mine this week....great all around progress, though Heather, & glad you're on a roll again!

Melissa said...

I'm with you on the mini's. I don't even use/hang the mug rugs I've got...what am I going to do with a mini quilt! Plus, most of my wall space is taken up with fabric storage cabinets. :)
I hope you love Elizabeth. I've heard good things about Baby Locks.

Marg said...

Good to hear you had such fabulous service from the sewing machine shop, Elizabeth sounds like she is going to be perfect for you.
Lovely charm squares, and cute photo of Max.

Janine @ Rainbow Hare said...

Love your sparkles and it's lovely to see the cat is so appreciative!

Kerstin said...

What a fun cat picture! Your sparkles are coming along nicely.

CityHouseStudio said...

I love those sparkle blocks, awesome!
It was hard not to jump ahead on this quilt along - I did it, too! Good luck with your new sewing machine!

Kristina said...

I just caught up on the machine drama! What a disappointment. I am glad you were able to exchange it, and I'm eager to hear how you like the Baby Lock! ps. That cat photo is priceless!!

Katie B said...

I'm glad you and Elizabeth are getting along!

Patti said...

Beautiful projects on the go! Your kitty looks like the King of the Jungle with that teddy bear in the background. Love it!

Heidi Grohs said...

So glad you are back in action!
That cat is hysterical!!

Jessica Kelly said...

Wow love those sparkle blocks! Those rainbow fabrics look great, can't wait to see more!

Marjorie's Busy Corner said...

Lovely work you have there....I have a
Baby Lock also; love it!!

Lucy | Charm About You said...

Such a funny cat picture!! The Sparkle quilt is looking great and those charms are scrummy!

Izzy said...

The cat is hilarious... the Lion King! :-) I really like the sparkles you made. That is going to be an awesome quilt.

Alli said...

Yay! I'm glad Elizabeth is treating you well! :)